“Just pick something nice!”

I hear that ALL the time. How important is a font in your branding and collateral? I believe it is as important to your collateral/identity package as your logo and/or your color palette. Ever hired a law firm that used Comic Sans in their web banner? Would you hire a clown for your kid’s birthday whose business card was just “ZIPPY!” on a white card in 35 point Goudy Handtooled Extra Bol…waaaait, I AM geeking out a bit here…

Don’t believe that fonts contain energy? Try this:

When you think of the word “BLUE,” does it appear in your mind’s eye as blue letters? Is it a particular font? Look at the picture on this page.


Say the words over and over again. It almost hurts your brain! Like rubbing the old tummy and patting the head at the same time. Something just isn’t right. That’s all people need to know to pass your materials over. They don’t make an educated, informed decision that your brochure stinks, but their subconscious forces their vision to keep wandering until it can settle onto something more pleasing and agreeable to their particular subconscious notions of aesthetics.


So, how important IS the font selection for your marketing materials? Just make sure it says about you what you want others to hear. And hope a positive image plays over and over throughout their mind for as long as possible. Or, at LEAST until they call you to set up an appointment!!!