1- Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
Remember when Facebook was just one of many niche communities popping up and competing for our attention? Sometime in 2010, Facebook will surpass 400 million registered users worldwide, though the notion of “Facebook fatigue” is being circulated (probably wishful thinking by some of their competitors). Yet there are still plenty of social networking sites and communities that cater to more focused targets that we, as marketers, cannot ignore. YOU NEED TO BE OUT THERE (NET)WORKING!

2- Be a Better Listener
Sometimes talking less and listening more can provide greater value to an overall marketing strategy. Whether you engage them or not, customers and potential customers are talking about your brand and products in online communities.

Understanding what they are saying and where will help you to make a more informed decision about how to interact. Involve community members in your process, be willing to put some control in their hands and listen to the feedback from your “virtual focus group.”

3- Think Global. Act Local.
Social communities dominated our computer screens in 2009. But 2010 could be the year that both new and existing technologies will take over our smartphone and PDA screens. Just a year ago, only a handful of early adopters were talking about the potential of Twitter as a marketing tool. Now look where we are!

4- Do Good for Your Fellow Man
As you plan for 2010, keeping your bottom line in mind is obviously important. But what if you can meet your objectives AND do some good in the community at the same time? Many companies and brands already have existing philanthropic programs, but tying it to social and partnering with your customers can amplify and maximize the measurable impact of your contribution. Step out.

5- Get Back to the Gym
Okay, so this one has nothing really to do with marketing, but if your holiday was anything like ours, the cookies, candy and other sweet treats were always around and, well, you’re a little rounder as a result. Next year, please just send virtual cookies and help us cut back on the calories.

Honorable Mention(s)- Lighten the Hell Up!!! and Be More Supportive of Others
‘Nuff said?

Good luck with these… and of course, if you have any trouble adhering to our resolutions, feel free to give us a call. Happy and healthy New Year to all!