Multichannel marketing is a technique using several different methods to reach a customer. A channel might be a website, an email newsletter, a direct mail piece or a social media campaign. The objective of the marketer is to make it easy for a consumer to buy in whatever way is most appropriate for that particular consumer.

Many businesses think that they’re already doing this, and some are. However, many aren’t doing it well. Unless these channels have been aligned to work in unison then all they’re doing is creating confusing noise. Noise that may be the difference from being remembered and just being remembered as “those other guys.” The goal is to make sure that all your marketing channels are integrated.

The channels I will cover will be:

  • Your Website
  • Email Campaigns
  • Direct Mail Program
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Sales Practices

This guide will help you refine and integrate the efforts you’re already making in order to establish a presence that will put you on the track to THRIVING in today’s market.