Website Maintenance Services in Portland, Oregon


At Hawthorne Media Group in Portland, Oregon, website maintenance is the key to everything we do. Maintaining a website is just as important as the initial website design – especially with WordPress websites. We can bring more value to your business by supporting and maintaining your WordPress website, and helping your business grow and thrive.


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What you get with wordpress website maintenance:

  • Weekly WordPress Website Backups with Easy Restore
  • Daily Database Backups with Easy Restore
  • Bi-Monthly WordPress Core Updates
  • Bi-Monthly Plugin Updates
  • Bi-Monthly Theme Updates
  • 24/7 Website Downtime Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring & Hack Cleanups
  • 48 Hour Support Response Time
  • 1 hour/mo. of Website Update and Optimization Requests
  • Quarterly Website Speed Boost
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What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is the act of regularly checking your website for issues and errors and keeping it updated and relevant. This should be done on a consistent basis in order to keep your website healthy, encourage continued traffic growth, and strengthen your SEO and Google rankings. There are technical website issues that can affect page load speed, and user experience that will affect your Google rankings. Website maintenance is a way to keep on top of these issues and prevent them from occurring. Click here to read more about What is Website Maintenance


Have you ever had your website hacked? Have you been bombarded by spammy form submissions or spammy blog comments? How about domain expiration issues or SSL Certificate technical glitches? Many new business owners have shared nightmare stories with us. You should not have to worry about constantly checking in on your website to make sure it’s still up and running smoothly. Website maintenance plans run regular daily/weekly/monthly security scans of your site, create regular backups of pages and files. In particular, WordPress websites have constant WordPress platform updates and plugins are continually updating on their own schedules. If you don’t stay on top of this it can create content problems, gaps in security and potential opportunities for hackers. We urge all WordPress Website owners to sign up for a website maintenance package.


Website security is the single most important reason to keep regular website maintenance – particularly if your website is storing any form of customer information. If you are using a website building platform like WordPress, you must ensure that you are installing regular software updates and security patches. It can be easy and attractive for hackers to find and target websites that have sat dormant for too long.


SEO is all about your individual pages ranking well driving new potential customers to your website. If your website goes down, gets hacked, has technical issues or poor page load speed, your SEO will suffer and your business will too. Google wants to rank websites they trust that have the most relevant and up-to-date information on their search engine results page. Selling ads on those search results pages (SERPs) is how Google makes their money. If your website has security issues Google may lower your rankings via a ranking penalty or even de-index your website entirely. It’s imperative that your site has been updated recently and scanned to make sure it’s not been infected by malware. This might sound scary – and it can be! Just ask some of our clients who have survived such events and have persevered the long road back to regaining Google’s trust. Website maintenance is invaluable for your SEO strategy.


There is an expectation for businesses to have an up-to-date professional looking website. If you don’t, your customers will go elsewhere. A professional logo, good branding & design, and a fast loading website are all important to your company’s image and brand. Website maintenance is a critical piece of your branding. If your website says, “Copyright 2012” at the bottom and is not mobile optimized in 2019, what does that tell your customers about your company?


  • Our standard WordPress website maintenance plan (most common) is $250/mo.
  • Maintenance costs can be lower or higher depending on the needs of the site and your business.
  • We offer two-months free maintenance if you pay in advance for 12 months.


A business website that serves to market your business may have less monthly content revisions so it may be low maintenance for site security, backups, and page speed checkups.


If you have a large eCommerce website, website maintenance will be more involved with frequent content updates, custom code and and customer data or product database updates. If you do not have a web developer on staff, we can create a custom web maintenance package to handle your website needs.


Website maintenance is a must for WordPress websites of any size. You could do this on your own, but we don’t advise it unless you are a web developer or have an in-house developer on your team. It will save you time and eliminate stress to pay Hawthorne Media Group to maintain your site.

At Hawthorne Media Group in Portland, Oregon we are experts at maintaining websites and we maintain dozens of websites each month. You’ll be hiring a team of experts who take care of WordPress website maintenance tasks every day. We know what issues to look out for and how to prevent problems – and how to take care of problems that arise.

Your monthly WordPress website maintenance package will reflect the needs of your company and should put your mind at ease knowing that all your website needs are in capable hands.

We’ll help you determine the best WordPress website maintenance package based on the size, type & purpose of your website and how much of your website content is customized. Do you regularly post updated content on your site? Is your business growing yet your website out-of-date? WordPress website maintenance is a tool that supports your business to grow with peace of mind.

Our Portland WordPress website maintenance packages are affordable and it’s typical for our clients to set up 12-month maintenance plans.