Well, we certainly CAN do that for a much lower price point, but then your “business billboard” ends up looking prettier but is still hung in an unlit alley somewhere in the unvisited and cobwebby hallways of the Google or Bing basement.

This is how we spend our time on a typical mid to higher-level website redesign:

Note: This list is NOT exhaustive and is in no real particular order.

  • Developing a new information architecture
  • Simplifying and beautifying the user interface
  • Reformatting all of your existing content to fit the new structure/theme
  • Remodeling some of the existing marketing channels
  • Distilling your messages
  • Researching your audience and their access locations
  • Incorporating and automating all of the available/desired social media components
  • Boosting your on-page SEO
  • Protecting your assets
  • Implementing a regular backup program
  • Determining your unique value proposition and promoting it more effectively for each client persona
  • Implementing new images of REAL people
  • Showcasing customer proof and reviews
  • Formatting content for readability for viewers AND search engines
  • Optimizing for mobile viewing
  • Establishing a regular analytics program
  • Developing a sustainable keyword strategy
  • Setting up and developing editorial calendar for an industry/personal blog
  • Cross-browser compatibility testing
  • Site/image optimization for fast loading time
  • Educating the client to be able to make edits efficiently and regularly

The list goes on. Redesign is not a magic bullet, it ends up really just being a lot of boring but important busywork and content management time.

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