Hawthorne Media WordPress PortlandThis Fall I am going to offer a weekly series of courses for those of you who have WordPress sites but are having trouble figuring out exactly how to get them to work FOR you and not against you. I haven’t yet decided the dates and times but STAY TUNED! They will be each week from 5:30PM TO 8:30PM and will cover a range of topics in a small group(8-10 people tops) format. Because WordPress is so organic and evolving so quickly, it is important that you keep your sites current and optimized. Plus, I hope we can have a little fun doing it.

Topics I will cover include:

  • Manual installation of WordPress software on a remote web server
  • Understanding the Dashboard interface
  • Installing different themes to change your blog design
  • Customizing content and design on your site
  • How to use plugins to extend the functionality
  • How to market and monetize your blog
  • SEO tips and tricks

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